learning experience design

papalote collective helps you create high-quality, engaging materials for your educational needs

our approach

papalote means kite in spanish and our approach to learning experience design is based on the process of building a kite


Building a kite requires finding the right balance between various components, such as the frame, sails, and tail, to ensure that the kite flies effectively. Similarly, learning experience design requires finding the right balance between instructional design, technology integration, and assessment to create an effective learning experience.


Building a kite allows for creativity and innovation, whether it be in the design of the kite itself or the process of creating it. Learning experience design also requires creativity and innovation, as the goal is to design learning experiences that are engaging and effective.

testing & iteration

When building a kite, it is common to make adjustments and test the kite repeatedly to optimize its flight. In the same way, learning experience design requires testing and iteration, as the designer must continually evaluate the learning experience to ensure that it is meeting the needs of learners and achieving the desired outcomes.


Building a kite can be a fun and enjoyable activity, and the same is true of learning experiences that are designed to be engaging and enjoyable for learners.


our goal is to design a learning experience that is enjoyable, memorable, efficient, and effective


  • Training & Professional Development

  • After School Programs & Camps

  • Coaching & Mentoring for youth & adults

  • Schedules & timelines

  • E-Course Development for youth and adults

  • girl focused programs


  • Curriculum Design

  • Student Workbooks

  • Instructor & Volunteer Guides

  • STEM Integration

educational kit design

  • individual & group kits for in person and distance learning experiences

  • packaging design

  • kit production

other services

Spanish Translation Services

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